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LBPH's (Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped) service was born under the 1931 Pratt-Smoot Act which established free library services for blind persons.  In 1978 under St. Clair County Library's Extension Services talking book machines and recorded books were offered to reading disabled customers in Tuscola, Huron, Sanilac, and St. Clair Counties for the very first time.  The service is available for any of our customers who are certified as blind or having visual, physical or reading disabilities.

Meet Your Reader Advisors

A Reader Advisor can be reached by calling us locally at 1-810-982-3600, toll free at 1-800-272-8570, or by e-mailing us at lbph@sccl.lib.mi.us.  The Reader Advisors (Barb, Linda, Mary and Kelli) are here to help you with your library service, whether it's problems with your playback machine, making adjustments to the number of books being sent, or suggesting new authors you might not have read before.  Mary Redigan is the LBPH Coordinator.

Assistive Technology

Adaptive Computer (Available at the MAIN Library)
St. Clair County LBPH has one adaptive computer available for use in the lower level of the St. Clair County Main Library.  This computer offers Microsoft products, JAWS for Windows, Duxbury Brailler, and a CD-ROM read-write burner. This workstation also has an expert mouse and a Print/Braille Keyboard.  Please call ahead to schedule use of this computer.

Color Magnifier (Available at MAIN, CLAY, MARYSVILLE, and MEMPHIS libraries)
This device allows patrons with various degrees of visual difficulty to magnify text or graphic material to a comfortable viewing level.  The Magnifier can also be used to enlarge the tiniest newspaper print, it is very easy to use.  Color magnifiers are available at our Branch Libraries Clay, Marysville, Memphis and Port Huron.

Ambassador Text Scanner (Available at the MAIN Library)
The Ambassador scanner is used primarily by people who are Blind, low vision, or who have a reading disability like Dyslexia.  Anything that is in a typed format, such as the newspaper, books and bills can be scanned and then read back to the user.  This device is available at the St. Clair County Main Library in the LBPH located on the lower level.

Index Everest-D Braille Embosser
This Braille printer is connected to the Adaptive Computer at the Main Library and prints double-sided Braille on 8 1/2" x 11" stock paper.  There is a .10 per page charge for printing.

Text Telephone (TTY)
A TTY allows a person who has hearing or speech impairments to communicate by telephone.  A TTY is available for use in the LBPH Department. on the lower level at the Port Huron branch of the library.  To contact the library from your TTY phone call: (810) 455-0200 or Toll free: (866) 462-2075.

Victor Reader Stream (Available at the MAIN Library on a "pick-up" basis only, cannot be mailed.)
This is a 3rd party player used for Talking Books (NLS) plus other online downloadable books such as Bookshare.  This DAISY-MP3 and NISO player lets you read and navigate through complex books, such as reference manuals and school books, as well as novels and magazines.

Other Equipment
All branch libraries have an assortment of handheld magnifiers for use while you are at the library.

If you would like further information about these resources or any assistive technology, please refer to the National Library Reference Circular Assistive Devices For Use With Personal Computers.

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