Services to Institutions

Registering for Service

Do you work in a nursing home, a school or other institution that services persons who can no longer read standard print, or have difficulty holding a book?  Institutions can register individual patrons for talking book and/or Braille service by using the Individual online application.  You may also register to receive a deposit collection in your facility, for use by eligible patrons.  Deposit collections are typically 30 to 50 large print books loaned to a facility and rotated quarterly, so your residents will always have a new batch of books to choose from.

Institutions should fill out the last page of the application for service to sign up for recorded and/or Braille books, write to us, or call to request an application and brochure.  Applications must be signed and certified by a professional (see list at the back of the application).  Applicants with a reading disability must have their application certified by a Medical Doctor.  After the application has been processed, we'll send you the player(s) and a "welcome packet" containing sample catalogs of our books and magazines.  If you asked us to choose books for you, you will also receive a few books in the subject areas you specified on your application.  Talking Book players to institutions are limited to one player for every four users.  Please take a look at the NLS fact sheet on service to institutions for more information.

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