Descriptive Video Catalog

St. Clair County Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (LBPH) is pleased to offer this catalog of described movies for people who are blind or have low vision. The visual elements are carefully described like the action, characters, locations, costumes and the sets without interfering with the movie's dialogue or sound effects and the content.

To watch these movies and hear the description, you only need a regular VHS video cassette player (VCR), or a DVD player and a television. No special features or devices are needed. Descriptive Videos qualify to be mailed "Free matter for the Blind or Disabled." Two videos can be borrowed at one time for a period of two weeks.

When borrowing a descriptive video the library patron agrees to the following:

  • To take reasonable care of the video and return it to the library in good condition within fourteen days of receipt.
  • To avoid copying, duplicating, or electronically distributing copyrighted videotapes.
  • That the Library is not responsible for damage that may occur to a VCR or DVD player while using videos borrowed from this library.
  • To inform library staff of any defects or damages to the borrowed video.
  • To adhere to the fourteen day loan period.

How to return a descriptive video:

  • A borrowed video should be placed in the U.S. Mail or returned to the library in person within fourteen days of receiving it.
  • It is not necessary to rewind the video tape.
  • Make sure that the video placed in the mailing case is the one you borrowed from the Library.
  • Securely lock the video into the mailing case.
  • Descriptive videos qualify to be mailed "Free matter for the Blind and Physically Disabled."
  • To return a video, just turn over the mailing card and place it in the U.S. Mail.

Motion Picture Association of America File Ratings:

G General Audiences
PG Parental Guidance Suggested
PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned
R Restricted

Title Title ID Rating Genre Format
40 Year Old Virgin ET10218 R Comedy VHS
90 Days ET10727 R Comedy VHS
A Beautiful Mind ET10171 PG-13 Drama VHS
A Charlie Brown Christmas ET10001 G Disney/Christmas VHS
A Christmas Carol ET10126 PG Christmas VHS
A Daring Flight DV5 G Historical DVD
A House Divided: Abraham And Mary Todd Lincoln(3 Dvds) DV3 G Historical DVD
A Reason To Live, A Reason To Die ET10593 PG Western VHS
A Star Is Born ET10445 G Drama VHS
Addams Family ET10002 G Comedy VHS
Agatha Christie's Poirot: Problem At Sea ET10003 G Suspense VHS
Agatha Christie's Poirot: The Dream ET10004 G Suspense VHS
Aladdin ET10083 G Disney VHS
Algiers ET10351 PG Drama VHS
Alice In Wonderland ET10084 G Disney VHS
Alien ET10100 R Science Fiction VHS
All The Kind Strangers ET10702 PG Drama VHS
Amazing Adventure ET10678 G Comedy VHS
Amelia Earhart; The Price Of Courage ET10501 G Biographical VHS
America And The Holocaust: Deceit And Indifference ET10502 PG War VHS
Amistad ET10143 R Historical VHS
Andy Griffith Show "guitar Player" ET10813 G Television VHS
Andy Griffith Show "opie's Charity" ET10815 G Television VHS
Angel On My Shoulder ET10355 G Drama VHS
Animal Farm ET10356 G Drama VHS
Anne Of Avonlea ET10006 G Disney VHS
Anne Of Green Gables ET10005 G Disney VHS
Antz ET10142 PG Disney VHS
Apollo 13 ET10101 PG Science Fiction VHS
Arthur Makes The Team / Meek For A Week ET10309 G Children's VHS
Arthur Writes A Story / Locked In The Library ET10300 G Children's VHS
Arthur's Baby / D.W.'s Baby ET10305 G Children's VHS
Arthur's Chicken Pox / Arthur And The True Francine ET10306 G Children's VHS
Arthur's Eyes / Francine's Bad Hair Day ET10302 G Children's VHS
Arthur's First Sleep Over / Arthur's Lost Dog ET10310 G Children's VHS
Arthur's Lost Library Book / D.W.'s Imaginary Friend ET10301 G Children's VHS
Arthur's New Puppy / Buster's Dino Dilemma ET10308 G Children's VHS
Arthur's Pet Business / D.W. The Copycat ET10304 G Children's VHS
Arthur's Teacher Trouble / Arthur's Spelling Trubble ET10303 G Children's VHS
Arthur's Tooth / Sick As A Dog ET10312 G Children's VHS
As You Like It ET10360 G Shakespeare VHS
At War With The Army ET10604 G Comedy VHS
Autism Is A World (library of Michigan) DV9 G Documentary DVD
B-29 Frozen In Time ET10542 G Nova VHS
Babe ET10123 G Disney VHS
Back To The Future ET10102 PG Disney VHS
Bad Money ET10686 PG-13 Comedy VHS
Bambi ET10092 G Disney VHS
Basic Instinct DV1 R Drama DVD
Basic Instinct ET10007 R Drama VHS
Beaches ET10008 PG-13 Drama VHS
Beat The Devil ET10362 G Comedy VHS
Beauty And The Beast ET10085 G Disney VHS
Beethoven ET10009 PG Disney VHS
Beverly Hills Cop ET10010 R Comedy VHS
Big ET10103 PG Comedy VHS
Bird Of Paradise ET10486 PG Adventure VHS
Blackbeard, The Pirate ET10367 PG Adventure VHS
Blood On The Sun ET10368 PG Adventure VHS
Blue Steel; And, The Dawn Rider ET10693 G Western VHS
Bonanza, Volume 1 ET10695 PG Television VHS
Border Cop ET10488 R Adventure VHS
Borderline ET10489 PG Drama VHS
Born To Win ET10697 R Mafia VHS
Breakfast At Tiffany's ET10011 G Drama VHS
Bridget Jones's Diary ET10176 R Comedy VHS
Broadcast News ET10125 R Drama VHS
Bruce Almighty ET10192 PG-13 Comedy VHS
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid ET10104 PG Comedy VHS
Cadillac Girls ET10490 R Drama VHS
Call It Murder ET10376 PG Detective VHS
Call Of The Wild ET10377 G Adventure VHS
Callie And Son ET10375 PG Drama VHS
Canterville Ghost ET10719 PG Comedy VHS
Captain Kidd ET10720 G Adventure VHS
Casablanca ET10124 PG Drama VHS
Casper ET10017 G Disney VHS
Cast A Dark Shadow ET10379 G Suspense VHS
Cecil B. Demille's The Ten Commandments ET10018 G Religion VHS
Chaplin ET10019 PG Drama VHS
Charade ET10380 G Comedy/Mystery VHS
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory ET10208 PG Disney VHS
Cheaper By The Dozen ET10197 PG Disney VHS
Cheaper By The Dozen 2 ET10227 PG Comedy VHS
Chicago ET10183 PG-13 Musical VHS
Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe ET10232 PG Adventure VHS
Chronicles Of Narnia: The Silver Chair ET10020 G Fantasy VHS
Cinderella ET10086 G Disney VHS
Cinderella Man ET10216 PG-13 Boxing/Feature VHS
Clear And Present Danger ET10021 PG Drama VHS
Cocoon ET10022 PG-13 Drama VHS
Cold Mountain ET10198 R Drama VHS
Confidence ET10703 R Gangsters VHS
Cooler ET10704 R Romance VHS
Creature From Black Lake ET10700 PG Horror VHS
Cyrano De Bergerac ET10382 G Drama VHS
D.W. Rides Again / Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe ET10311 G Children's VHS
D.W. The Picky Eater / Buster And The Daredevils ET10313 G Children's VHS
D.W.'s Blankie / The Perfect Brother ET10307 G Children's VHS
Dante's Peak ET10144 PG-13 Drama VHS
Daredevil ET10185 PG-13 Drama VHS
Date Movie ET10226 PG-13 Comedy VHS
David Copperfield ET10711 G Biographical VHS
Day Of The Triffids ET10691 PG Science Fiction VHS
Dead Poets Society ET10023 R Drama VHS
Deadly Impact ET10723 G Drama VHS
Degas And The Dancer ET10594 G Drama VHS
Detour ET10688 PG-13 Murder VHS
Detroit 9000 ET10692 R Adventure VHS
Dick Tracy ET10024 PG Comedy VHS
Dinner At The Ritz ET10384 G Detective VHS
Dinosaur DV2 G Drama DVD
Dirty Dancing ET10140 PG-13 Drama VHS
Divine Secrets Of The Ya-ya Sisterhood ET10177 PG-13 Drama VHS
Do The Right Thing ET10105 R Drama VHS
Dr. Kildare's Strange Case ET10689 PG Drama VHS
Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat ET10196 PG Disney VHS
Driving Miss Daisy ET10127 PG Drama VHS
Dumbo ET10087 G Disney VHS
E.T. The Extra-terrestrial ET10099 PG Disney VHS
Earth ET10705 G Drama VHS
Edison: The Wizard Of Light ET10469 G Biographical VHS
Eighth Inning; A Whole New Ball Game ET10522 G Baseball VHS
Einstein: Light To The Power Of Two ET10470 G Biographical VHS
Eisenhower: Soldier ET10504 G Historical VHS
Eisenhower: Statesman ET10505 G Historical VHS
El Dorado ET10025 G Western VHS
Episode Eight "war Is All Hell: 1865" ET10531 G Civil War VHS
Episode Five "the Universe Of Battle: 1863" ET10528 G Civil War VHS
Episode Four "simply Murder: 1863" ET10527 G Civil War VHS
Episode Nine "the Better Angels Of Our Nature: 1865" ET10532 G Civil War VHS
Episode One "the Cause: 1861" ET10524 G Civil War VHS
Episode Seven "most Hallowed Ground: 1864" ET10530 G Civil War VHS
Episode Six "valley Of The Shadow Of Death: 1864" ET10529 G Civil War VHS
Episode Three "forever Free: 1863" ET10526 G Civil War VHS
Episode Two "a Very Bloody Affair: 1862" ET10525 G Civil War VHS
Erin Brockovich ET10165 R Drama VHS
Fantastic Four ET10209 PG-13 Disney VHS
Fatal Attraction ET10026 R Drama VHS
Father Of The Bride ET10027 PG Comedy VHS
Father's Little Dividend ET10391 PG Comedy VHS
Fdr: Volume 1: The Center Of The World 1882-1921 ET10506 G Fdr VHS
Fdr: Volume 2: Fear Itself 1921-1933 ET10507 G Fdr VHS
Fdr: Volume 3: The Grandest Job In The World 1933-1940 ET10508 G Fdr VHS
Fdr: Volume 4: The Juggler 1940-1945 ET10509 G Fdr VHS
Fever Pitch ET10210 PG Comedy VHS
Field Of Dreams ET10028 PG Baseball VHS
Fifth Inning; Shadow Ball ET10519 G Baseball VHS
Finding Nemo ET10193 G Disney VHS
First Inning; Our Game ET10515 G Baseball VHS
Five Corners ET10497 R Detective VHS
Fly Girls ET10562 G American Experience VHS
For The Moment ET10476 PG Historical VHS
Forrest Gump ET10029 PG Drama VHS
Fourth Angel ET10706 R Terrorism VHS
Fourth Inning; A National Heirloom ET10518 G Baseball VHS
Foxy Brown ET10687 PG-13 Drama VHS
Fried Green Tomatoes ET10111 PG-13 Drama VHS
Galileo's Battle For The Heavens DV10 G Documentary DVD
Galileo: On The Shoulders Of Giants ET10471 G Biographical VHS
Gangs Of New York ET10186 R Drama VHS
Geronimo And The Apache Resistance ET10510 G Western VHS
Ghost ET10031 PG-13 Drama VHS
Girl With A Pearl Earring ET10707 R Drama VHS
Gladiator ET10167 R Drama VHS
Godfather ET10033 R Drama VHS
Gods And Monsters ET10708 R Drama VHS
Gold Fever ET10563 G American Experience VHS
Gomer Pyle "captain Ironpants" ET10812 G Television VHS
Gomer Pyle "gomer Returns A Week's Pay" ET10814 G Television VHS
Gone With The Wind ET10149 G Drama VHS
Good Morning Vietnam ET10132 R Drama VHS
Good Will Hunting ET10145 R Drama VHS
Gorgo ET10570 PG Science Fiction VHS
Goya: Awakened In A Dream ET10597 G Drama VHS
Great Books; "tales Of Edgar Allen Poe" And "wuthering Heights" ET10832 G Assignment Discovery VHS
Grizzly Falls ET10681 PG-13 Adventure VHS
Guns Of Diablo ET10721 G Western VHS
Gunslinger ET10573 G Western VHS
Harrison's Flowers ET10709 R War VHS
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets ET10187 PG Adventure VHS
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire ET10225 PG-13 Fantasy VHS
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban ET10203 PG Adventure VHS
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone ET10172 PG Adventure VHS
He Walked By Night ET10394 G Police VHS
Hello, Dolly! ET10159 G Comedy VHS
His Girl Friday ET10395 PG Comedy VHS
Hitler's Sunken Secret DV11 G Documentary DVD
Home Alone ET10034 PG Disney VHS
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey ET10035 PG Disney VHS
Honey; I Shrunk The Kids ET10036 PG Disney VHS
Hope Floats ET10146 PG-13 Drama VHS
Houdini ET10564 G Biographical VHS
How The Grinch Stole Christmas ET10166 PG Christmas VHS
Human Body ET10817 G Assignment Discovery VHS
Hunt For Red October ET10038 R Sea Adventure VHS
Hurricane ET10602 PG Nova VHS
Hurricane ET10539 G Nova VHS
Hurricane Katrina DV12 G Disaster DVD
Impact ET10698 G Suspense VHS
In Search Of Human Origins: Volume 1: The Story Of Lucy ET10543 G Nova VHS
In Search Of Human Origins: Volume 2: Surviving Africa ET10544 G Nova VHS
In Search Of Human Origins: Volume 3: The Creative Revolution ET10545 G Nova VHS
Independence Day ET10131 PG-13 Drama VHS
Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade ET10039 PG-13 Adventure VHS
Indiscretion Of An American Wife ET10397 G Romance VHS
Insomnia ET10178 R Detective VHS
Irving Berlin's White Christmas ET10040 G Christmas VHS
Jack And The Beanstalk ET10399 PG Children's VHS
Jack The Ripper ET10725 G Murder VHS
Jane Eyre ET10715 PG Drama VHS
Jarhead ET10229 R Drama VHS
Joy Luck Club ET10041 R Drama VHS
Juiced ET10683 PG Drama VHS
Jurassic Park ET10106 PG-13 Adventure VHS
Jurassic Park Iii ET10173 PG-13 Adventure VHS
Killer Quake ET10540 G Nova VHS
King Kong ET10224 PG-13 Drama VHS
L A Confidential ET10151 R Drama VHS
L.A. Story ET10043 PG-13 Comedy VHS
Lady And The Tramp ET10147 G Disney VHS
Last Stand At Little Big Horn ET10513 G Western VHS
Leonardo: A Dream Of Flight ET10472 G Biographical VHS
Lewis And Clark: A Scientific Journey ET10833 G Assignment Discovery VHS
Liar Liar ET10113 PG-13 Drama VHS
Life Is Beautiful ET10157 PG-13 Romance VHS
Life With Father ET10410 G Comedy VHS
Lightning! ET10541 G Nova VHS
Lilo And Stitch ET10179 PG Disney VHS
Lion King ET10088 G Disney VHS
List ET10710 R Drama VHS
Little Mermaid ET10133 G Disney VHS
Little Shop Of Horrors ET10685 PG-13 Comedy VHS
Long John Silver's Return To Treasure Island ET10630 G Adventure VHS
Made For Each Other ET10412 G Comedy VHS
Man With The Golden Arm ET10632 PG Drama VHS
Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh ET10093 G Disney VHS
Marie Curie: More Than Meets The Eye ET10473 G Biographical VHS
Mary Cassatt: American Impressionist ET10598 G Drama VHS
Mary Poppins ET10089 G Disney VHS
Mclintock! ET10633 G Drama VHS
Meet John Doe ET10415 G Drama VHS
Meet The Fockers ET10211 PG-13 Comedy VHS
Meet The Parents ET10168 PG-13 Humor VHS
Men Of Means ET10712 R Gangsters VHS
Men Of Sherwood Forest ET10634 G Adventure VHS
Message To My Daughter ET10587 PG Drama VHS
Midnight Cop ET10635 R Thriller VHS
Midnight Ramble ET10514 G Historical VHS
Mighty Ducks ET10044 PG Disney VHS
Minority Report ET10188 PG-13 Drama VHS
Miracle On 34th Street ET10045 G Christmas VHS
Monet: Shadows And Light ET10595 G Drama VHS
Mr. And Mrs. Smith ET10212 PG-13 Comedy VHS
Mr. Holland's Opus ET10114 PG Drama VHS
Mrs. Doubtfire ET10158 PG-13 Comedy VHS
Mulan ET10096 G Disney VHS
Murder By Decree ET10713 R Sherlock Holmes VHS
Murder Of The Century ET10565 G American Experience VHS
Murder Once Removed ET10726 G Murder VHS
My Dear Secretary ET10679 PG Drama VHS
My Favorite Brunette ET10417 G Comedy VHS
My Man Godfrey ET10418 G Comedy VHS
Mysteries Of The Universe DV14 G Documentary DVD
Mystery Of The Senses: Volume 1: Hearing ET10547 G Nova VHS
Mystery Of The Senses: Volume 2: Smell ET10548 G Nova VHS
Mystery Of The Senses: Volume 3: Taste ET10549 G Nova VHS
Mystery Of The Senses: Volume 4: Touch ET10550 G Nova VHS
Mystery Of The Senses: Volume 5: Vision ET10551 G Nova VHS
Mystic River ET10199 R Drama VHS
Nancy Drew, Reporter ET10716 G Mystery VHS
Newton: A Tale Of Two Isaacs ET10474 G Biographical VHS
Nickelodeon's "franklin" ET10822 G Children's VHS
Nickelodeon's Bob The Builder ET10829 G Children's VHS
Nickelodeon's Little Bear: "emily's Birthday" ET10826 G Children's VHS
Nickelodeon's Little Bill ET10818 G Children's VHS
Night Of The Living Dead ET10722 R Horror VHS
Night Of The Sharks ET10590 R Adventure VHS
Night Train To Munich ET10420 G Adventure VHS
Ninth Inning; Home ET10523 G Baseball VHS
Nobody Waved Goodbye ET10421 PG Drama VHS
Noggin's: "a Walk In Your Shoes" ET10821 G Children's VHS
Nothing Sacred ET10422 G Comedy VHS
Of Human Bondage ET10423 PG Drama VHS
Old Yeller ET10046 G Animal/Adventure VHS
Oliver Twist DV7 G Musical DVD
On Golden Pond ET10047 PG Drama VHS
One Hundred One Dalmatians ET10082 G Disney VHS
One-eyed Jacks ET10701 R Western VHS
Our Town ET10425 G Romance/drama VHS
Parenthood ET10048 PG-13 Comedy VHS
Patriot Games ET10049 R Adventure VHS
Penny Serenade ET10428 G Romance VHS
Peter Pan ET10200 PG Disney VHS
Phenomenon ET10115 PG Drama VHS
Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl ET10195 G Disney VHS
Pocahontas ET10090 G Disney VHS
Pot O' Gold ET10699 G Drama VHS
Pretty Woman ET10050 PG Comedy VHS
Primary Colors ET10161 R Drama VHS
Prince And The Pauper ET10717 G Drama VHS
Proud Rebel ET10690 G Drama VHS
Psycho ET10117 R Thriller VHS
Pygmalion ET10433 G Drama VHS
Quicksand ET10643 PG Drama VHS
Rage At Dawn ET10434 G Western VHS
Raiders Of The Lost Ark ET10051 PG Adventure VHS
Rain ET10435 R Tragedy VHS
Raising Helen ET10205 PG-13 Disney VHS
Ransom ET10118 R Drama VHS
Ray DV8 PG-13 Biography DVD
Rembrandt: Fathers And Sons ET10596 G Biographical VHS
Roman Holiday ET10058 PG Drama VHS
Rookie Of The Year ET10059 PG Baseball VHS
Royal Wedding ET10437 G Documentary VHS
Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer ET10060 G Christmas VHS
Runaway Universe ET10820 G Nova VHS
Sabotage ET10477 PG Detective VHS
Saving Private Ryan ET10152 R War VHS
Scent Of A Woman ET10062 R Drama VHS
Schindler's List ET10063 R Holocaust VHS
Scooby-doo ET10180 PG Disney VHS
Scott Of The Antarctic ET10438 G Adventure VHS
Scream ET10136 R Horror VHS
Scrooge ET10439 G Christmas VHS
Seabiscuit ET10190 PG-13 Animal/Adventure VHS
Seabiscuit ET10190 PG-13 Race Horses VHS
Second Inning; Something Like A War ET10516 G Baseball VHS
Second Woman ET10646 G Suspense VHS
Seventh Inning; The Capital Of Baseball ET10521 G Baseball VHS
Shakespeare In Love ET10156 R Romance VHS
Shane ET10441 G Western VHS
Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon ET10442 G Mystery VHS
Shoscombe Old Place ET10016 PG Sherlock Holmes VHS
Shrek ET10174 G Disney VHS
Shrek 2 ET10206 PG Disney VHS
Signs ET10181 PG-13 Drama VHS
Silver Blaze ET10056 PG Sherlock Holmes VHS
Singin' In The Rain ET10135 G Disney VHS
Sister Act ET10064 PG Comedy VHS
Sister Act Ii: Back In The Habit ET10065 PG Comedy VHS
Sixth Inning; The National Pastime ET10520 G Baseball VHS
Sneakers ET10120 PG-13 Comedy VHS
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs ET10091 G Disney VHS
Sophie's Choice ET10141 R Drama VHS
Soul Food ET10162 R Comedy VHS
Sound Of Music ET10066 G Musical VHS
Speed ET10067 R Action VHS
Spider-man ET10182 PG Drama VHS
Spy Kids ET10175 PG Humor VHS
Stand And Deliver ET10137 PG Drama VHS
Star Trek: The Motion Picture ET10068 G Star Trek VHS
Star Wars ET10074 PG Science Fiction VHS
Suddenly ET10696 PG Suspense VHS
Sundowners ET10448 G Adventure VHS
Tarzan DV4 G Children's DVD
Tarzan ET10097 G Disney VHS
Television History; Volume 1 ET10553 G Vietnam VHS
Television History; Volume 2 ET10554 G Vietnam VHS
Television History; Volume 3 ET10555 G Vietnam VHS
Television History; Volume 4 ET10556 G Vietnam VHS
Television History; Volume 5 ET10557 G Vietnam VHS
Television History; Volume 6 ET10558 G Vietnam VHS
Television History; Volume 7 ET10559 G Vietnam VHS
Ten To Midnight ET10816 R Detective VHS
Terms Of Endearment ET10076 PG Drama VHS
The 1000 Eyes Of Dr. Mabuse ET10657 PG Detective VHS
The 39 Steps ET10453 PG Detective VHS
The Affair ET10482 G Romance VHS
The African Queen ET10122 PG Drama VHS
The Art Of War ET10670 R War VHS
The Battle Of The Bulge: World War Ii's Deadliest Battle ET10503 PG Wwii VHS
The Battle Over Citizen Kane ET10560 G American Experience VHS
The Bells Of San Angelo ET10475 G Western VHS
The Bells Of St. Mary's ET10363 PG Christmas VHS
The Big Cat ET10606 G Drama/Depression VHS
The Big Lift ET10365 PG Historical VHS
The Big Trees ET10366 PG Adventure VHS
The Boscombe Valley Mystery ET10012 PG Sherlock Holmes VHS
The Boy In The Plastic Bubble ET10672 G Drama VHS
The Boys Of St. Vincent ET10370 R Drama VHS
The Bruce Partington Plans ET10052 PG Sherlock Holmes VHS
The Color Purple ET10184 PG-13 Drama VHS
The Company Of Strangers ET10480 G Drama VHS
The Con Artists ET10600 PG Comedy VHS
The Creeping Man ET10013 PG Sherlock Holmes VHS
The Deadly Companions ET10383 PG Western VHS
The Devil's Foot ET10053 PG Sherlock Holmes VHS
The Donner Party ET10561 G American Experience VHS
The English Patient ET10128 R Drama VHS
The Fall Of The Roman Empire ET10496 PG Historical VHS
The Final Frontier ET10072 PG Star Trek V VHS
The Fixer ET10684 R Drama VHS
The Flying Deuces ET10498 G Comedy VHS
The Front Page ET10392 G Comedy VHS
The Fugitive ET10129 PG-13 Drama VHS
The Full Monty ET10130 R Comedy VHS
The Future Of The Milky Way ET10831 G Assignment Discovery VHS
The Girl Hunters ET10724 G Detective VHS
The Green Promise ET10619 G Drama/Family VHS
The Hellbenders ET10575 G Western VHS
The Hitch-hiker ET10603 PG-13 Drama VHS
The Holocraft Covenant ET10682 R Suspense VHS
The Hound Of The Baskervilles ET10054 PG Sherlock Holmes VHS
The House On Haunted Hill ET10605 PG Horror VHS
The Illustrious Client ET10014 PG Sherlock Holmes VHS
The Jackie Robinson Story ET10400 PG Biographical VHS
The Joe Louis Story ET10402 G Biographical VHS
The Jungle Book ET10095 G Disney VHS
The Jungle Book ET10675 G Children's VHS
The Kennedys: The Early Years 1900-1961 ET10511 G Kennedys VHS
The Kennedys: The Later Years 1962-1980 ET10512 G Kennedys VHS
The Kennel Murder Case ET10405 G Mystery VHS
The King And I ET10042 G Drama VHS
The Land Before Time ET10112 G Humor VHS
The Last Of The Mohicans ET10407 G Western VHS
The Last Samurai ET10204 R Drama VHS
The Last Winter ET10409 PG Drama VHS
The Legend Of Sea Wolf ET10583 G Sea Story VHS
The Lion King: Special Platinum Edition ET10194 G Disney VHS
The Little Princess ET10673 G Children's VHS
The Lotus Eaters ET10584 PG Comedy VHS
The Lou Gehrig Story ET10631 G Biographical VHS
The Man On The Eiffel Tower ET10413 G Detective VHS
The Man Who Knew Too Much ET10414 PG Spy VHS
The Matrix ET10169 R Science Fiction VHS
The Matrix: Reloaded ET10191 R Science Fiction VHS
The Million Pound Note ET10478 G Drama VHS
The Miracle Of Life ET10546 G Nova VHS
The Miracle Worker ET10134 G Drama VHS
The Most Dangerous Game ET10416 PG Adventure VHS
The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries DV6 G Mystery DVD
The Mummy Who Would Be King DV13 G Mummies DVD
The Nutty Professor ET10107 PG-13 Humor VHS
The Painted Hills ET10639 G Lassie VHS
The Passion Of The Christ ET10202 R Religion VHS
The Peking Blonde ET10640 PG Spy VHS
The Phantom Of The Opera ET10213 PG-13 Musical VHS
The Piano ET10139 R Drama VHS
The Picture Of Dorian Gray ET10429 G Drama VHS
The Polar Express ET10214 G Disney VHS
The Preacher's Wife ET10116 PG Comedy VHS
The Private Life Of Plants: Branching Out ET10823 G Assignment Discovery VHS
The Problem At Thor Bridge ET10015 PG Sherlock Holmes VHS
The Producers E10230 PG-13 Comedy VHS
The Quiet Man ET10671 PG Romance VHS
The Rock ET10119 R Drama VHS
The Santa Clause ET10061 PG Christmas VHS
The Scarlet Pimpernel ET10436 G Romance VHS
The Secret Agent ET10440 G Adventure VHS
The Sign Of Four ET10055 PG Sherlock Holmes VHS
The Sixth Sense ET10155 PG Drama VHS
The Snows Of Kilimanjaro ET10443 PG Drama VHS
The Stars Look Down ET10446 PG Drama VHS
The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers ET10447 PG Detective VHS
The Terminal ET10207 PG Drama VHS
The Third Man ET10452 PG Detective VHS
The Twilight Zone: "a Game Of Pool" ET10825 PG Television VHS
The Twilight Zone: "dust" ET10824 PG Television VHS
The Undiscovered Country ET10073 PG Star Trek Vi VHS
The Voyage Home ET10071 PG Star Trek Iv VHS
The Wizard Of Oz ET10098 G Disney VHS
The Wrath Of Khan ET10069 PG Star Trek Ii VHS
The X-files ET10163 PG-13 Thriller VHS
Theater Of Blood ET10450 R Detective VHS
There's Something About Mary ET10153 R Humor VHS
They Made Me A Criminal ET10451 G Detective VHS
Third Inning; The Faith Of 50 Million People ET10517 G Baseball VHS
This Old Pyramid ET10552 G Documentary VHS
Three Came Home ET10454 R Wwii VHS
Three Men And A Baby ET10077 PG Comedy VHS
Thursday's Game ET10479 G Comedy VHS
Till The Clouds Roll By ET10455 G Musical VHS
Time Of Your Life ET10680 PG Western VHS
Time To Die ET10456 R Wwii VHS
To Kill A Mockingbird ET10121 PG Drama VHS
Top Gun ET10078 PG Drama VHS
Topper ET10718 G Comedy VHS
Topper Returns ET10457 G Comedy VHS
Total Recall ET10079 R Science Fiction VHS
Toy Story ET10094 G Disney VHS
Toy Story 2 ET10170 G Disney VHS
Trapped ET10458 G Drama VHS
Treasure Of The Yankee Zephyr ET10459 PG Adventure VHS
True Grit ET10080 G Drama VHS
True Lies ET10081 R Spies VHS
Twins ET10148 PG Comedy VHS
Two Weeks Notice ET10189 PG-13 Drama VHS
Unforgiven ET10138 R Drama VHS
Utopia ET10663 G Laurel And Hardy VHS
Waiting To Exhale ET10108 R Drama VHS
Walk In The Sun ET10464 G War VHS
Waterfront ET10694 G Drama VHS
We Dive At Dawn ET10465 G War VHS
Wedding Date ET10231 PG-13 Drama VHS
While You Were Sleeping ET10109 PG Comedy VHS
White Men Can't Jump ET10110 R Comedy VHS
Who Is Cletus Tout? ET10714 R Comedy VHS
Why The Towers Fell ET10201 PG Terrorism VHS
Wild Discovery: Clever Critters ET10830 G Wildlife VHS
Winslow Homer: An American Original ET10599 G Biographical VHS
Wisteria Lodge ET10057 PG Sherlock Holmes VHS
Witness For The Prosecution ET10466 G Mystery VHS
World War Ii ET10834 G Assignment Discovery VHS
X-men ET10164 PG-13 Science Fiction VHS
You've Got Mail ET10154 PG Humor VHS
Young And Innocent ET10481 G Mystery VHS
Zulu ET10468 PG Historical VHS
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