New Library Phone System

Happy New Year!  Can you hear us now?  We hope so! 

Every branch of the St. Clair County Library System is now outfitted with the crystal clarity of V.O.I.P. (Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol) phone technology. While the tech-heads that work for us are really excited about this for some really geeky reasons, what it means to you, our beloved patrons, is that the library’s phone service will be a lot more efficient and time-saving. 

As happens with many new things, there are learning curves. One of the things that had to change when V.O.I.P. was implemented were the reassignments of personal extensions.  So, if you are trying to get a hold of a particular department or library staff member, and the old extension number doesn’t work, please call the main number of the branch and they will help connect you to the person/department you are looking for. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.    

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