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14 August 2013 - TSR is OVER?!?!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Summer reading is officially over, but not to worry. Your library is here for you year round. Whenever you can make the time, stop in, hang out, say hi, and read!

Check the web calendar often – we host programs all year long.  Movies, book clubs, crafts and more. Some involve prizes, others involve food, but all include fun! (It sounds cheesy, but it’s true!)

We’re always looking to add more books to the collection, so please let us know what you think. Share the great book you’re reading with us. Let us know if you find a new author you’re crazy about. We love hearing from you!

We also encourage you to ask questions about the homework, research, and reports you’re doing for school. We have some great resources to help you with projects like these.

Plus, you can look forward to events like Teen Read Week (October) and Teen Tech Week (March) to hold you over until next summer.

6 August 2013 - It just can’t be buried.

You know you want more on the undead. Check out these links:

How Stuff Works couldn’t help but cover zombies, too. Take this quiz to find out if you are actually, currently, a zombie.

This article will help you understand the history of zombie culture.

BEST OF ALL!!! The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has a dedicated site informing you on what to do if there is, indeed, a zombie apocalypse.

2 August 2013 - Zommmmmbbbbieees

We are (hard to believe) headed into the last week of Teen Summer Reading. The time has flown by, but hopefully in the good way. You know, the way that allowed you to spend hours upon hours on the beach or in the grass devouring sheer stacks of excellent ya reads!

Without further ado, let’s round out this year’s theme to its absolute fullest. We need to talk zombies. The undead are everywhere, in every capacity. There are fast zombies, slow zombies, and ones that are semiconscious (here’s looking at you Warm Bodies). There are tons of zombie books out there, so I’ve tried to incorporate a little of everything. Hopefully there’s at least one on the list that you’ve missed in your zombie apocalypse research.

Z Dearly Departed Zom-B Bad Taste in Boys Enemy Zombie Blondes Death Collector Last Days This is Not a Test Zombie Survival Guide Zombies Don't Cry Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide Walking Dead Compendium One The Infects Daybreak

30 July 2013 - Further investigation

Why do you like what you like? Hard question to answer, isn’t it? This article might shed some light on the process we use to choose our preferences.

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. If you want to hear incredibly inspirational, eye opening, mind blowing stories from real people on a wide range of topics, look no further.

One of the great parts of the TED concept is that it’s catching on. The We Are Family Foundation actually hosts TEDxTeen, a conference focused on teens and what they can do to change the world around them.

Talk about perspective. Mental Floss has a list of words that used to have a negative meaning but don’t any longer.



26 July 2013 - Perspective

How many times has someone said or did something that made little sense to you? If the answer is nearly every day, you are not alone.

It often takes some effort to understand where others are coming from. We all have different backgrounds, experiences, and ways of thinking about things. We have different likes, dislikes, hobbies, family situations, friends, and aspirations.

Instead of forming a quick opinion, writing someone off, or getting angry about a situation, try putting yourself in the shoes of others. They might have different cultural norms, or maybe they’re dealing with emotional or medical issues you couldn’t possibly be aware of. There are so many things you can’t tell from looking at someone. However, the more you know about other ways of life, the broader your knowledge of the possibilities, and the easier it is to be compassionate.

Reading is a great way to expand your understanding of different lifestyles, cultures, and philosophies. The books below highlight a diverse range of people and scenarios and would be a great place to start your exploration.

Don't Breathe a Word Slam Dead to You Every Crooked Pot Nothing but the Truth (and a Few Lies) Marcelo in the Real World I Am J Fat Cat Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys Lie Some Girls Are Everybody Sees the Ants Personal Effects American Born Chinese Persepolis
23 July 2013 - Mystery strikes again!

It’s link time, yet again!

Let’s start with podcasts. Oh my do I like podcasts. Relatively short, thought-provoking information presented in a really entertaining way.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed in History Class is a great podcast on the more interesting histories that aren’t always covered in your text books. Check out the RSS feed of their podcast, search for them in iTunes, or use your favorite podcast app. Once you’ve got it, look for the podcast titled: Who was the Real Sherlock Holmes?

Really interesting stuff.

And once again, I’m going to send you back to How Stuff Works for a smattering of quizzes.

Can you tell if someone is lying?
Do you know your FBI?
How do TV crime shows compare to the real thing?



20 July 2013 - Stencils!

So, the Main Library held a Stencils 101 program last Thursday night. We made a brilliant art project by creating and using stencils to paint over a collage. The finished project was pretty cool. Here’s an example:


The best part about stenciling is how versatile it is. Not only can you make stencils out of numerous cheap materials, you can also stencil on all kinds of different materials. The whole process is only as complicated as you want to make it. The hardest part is creating images that have clear negative spaces. Think of it as a coloring book: thick black lines enclose blank white areas. With a stencil, you can either color the lines or the white areas, but not both.          

Supplies needed:

                Something to make the stencil out of

                                Cardboard/cardstock – great for stenciling on paper, or other hard surfaces

                                Contact paper – sticks to your surface, but comes up clean afterward

Freezer paper – perfect for t-shirt or other fabrics. Just iron the waxy side down

                Something to fill the stencil in with – fabric paint, tempera/acrylic paint, sharpies

                                Fabric paint – permanent for clothes

                                Tempera/acrylic – good for paper

                                Sharpies! – stays decent on clothes, good on paper too!

                Something to stencil onto – t-shirt, pillow case, cardstock, backpack, canvas, etc.

You’ll also need:

                Scissors (for cutting large areas)

                x-acto knife (for cutting smaller areas)

                cutting surface (when using an x-acto knife, don’t use the kitchen counter)

                paintbrush/sponge (something to spread the paint on)

                cardboard/newspaper (to keep the paint from bleeding through)

                tape (possibly necessary to keep your stencil from moving around)

There are many ways to create a stencil. You can hand-draw images, trace an image onto your stencil material with carbon paper, or use a computer program like GIMP (free!) to make your stencil.

Once you have your stencil, paint/marker, and material-to-be-stenciled, you’re set!

I’ll leave you with three pro tips:

1)      If your material is thin, put cardboard or paper underneath so the paint doesn’t bleed through.

2)      Try to use thin layers of paint. It’ll dry quicker, won’t spread under your stencil, and won’t crack and peel off your masterpiece.

3)      Use an iron to set your paint! If you’ve made a t-shirt/other washable fabric item, place an old sheet over your image (make sure it’s dry) and iron  before washing.

Here are some links for projects and instructions to get you excited:

Contact paper stenciled t-shirt freezer paper stenciled shirt slightly more complicated freezer paper stenciled t-shirt freezer paper stenciled patches vinyl letters (or contact paper) stenciled collage

Have fun!

20 July 2013 - Mystery

What screams “beneath the surface” more than a good crime mystery? Any detective worth his salt has to assess the situation, search for clues, and catch the perpetrator at his own game. Although the point is to nab the criminal, the fun is working alongside the detective to solve the mystery. If you’re feeling observant, grab one of these titles and see if you can figure things out before the gumshoe does.

Code Diviners You Killed Wesley Payne Shelter Girl is Murder Jasper Jones What I Saw and How I Lied Ripper The Twin's Daughter Butterfly Clues Paper Covers Rock Rosebush The Mockingbirds When I was Joe Edge of Nowhere Ten Name of the Star Body Finder Book of Blood and Shadow I Hunt Killers

16 July 2013 - More on life underwater.

Have you ever actually looked at pictures of deep sea fish? They are weird. They are unlike anything above water. If you're feeling brave, they're worth looking into. And unlike sharks, manta rays, and jellyfish, you can take solace in the fact they like where they live and will likely never surface enough for you to meet them in the flesh.

You can experience the deep without lifting a finger (except your mouse-clicking finger) at NatGeo’s website. They have neat stuff about shipwrecks, coral reefs, and much less creepy fish.

The American Museum of Natural History has a really cool page that proves the history of mermaids is a long-standing, multi-cultural phenomenon. There’s also a sidebar with similar articles on other mythical creatures like dragons, sea monsters, and unicorns.

And what would a post be without a quiz? See how well you know your sharks.


12 July 2013 - Underwater

Below ground is one thing. Underwater is another thing entirely. Check out these books and their varying depictions of aquatic beings. Be prepared: there are A LOT of mermaids. Fortunately, not every mermaid story is the same.

Lies Beneath Of Poseidon Deep Sea Change Teeth Mermaid's Mirror Lost Voices Shark Girl Brides of Rollrock Island Girl With the Mermaid Hair
Soul Surfer
Bonus* If the real deal is more your thing, check out surfer Bethany Hamilton's true story of her encounter with a shark.

9 July 2013 - More Links!

Not sure where your true artistic instincts lie? Mess around with these sites. Excercise your right to be a graffiti artist, DJ, or art historian, and see how much you already know in the fields of art and music appreciation. 

  • Try your hand at graffiti the legal way.
  • Complete your music personality profile.
  • Do you know your famous artists? Test yourself (or learn something you didn’t know) with this quiz.
  • It’s hard to believe some art is actually famous, well regarded art. See if you can tell which art costs a fortune and which was made by amateurs with this quiz.
  • Can’t get enough of the real or fake quizzes? Here’s a long list covering all different types of art.
  • Have you ever made a drum beat? Try it with Drumbot.
  • Add other instruments and create a song with Soundation.
  • Check out Art 21 - a show featuring a wide variety of artists and their work.


5 July 2013 - The Arts

At the very base, art (including music, movies, painting, collage, photography, etc.) is an exercise in expression. To make art, you have to find the right tools and medium to explain yourself. To understand art, you have to read into clues left by the artist and interpret what they mean. It’s all very subjective. There are no right or wrong answers. There’s only your opinion and how a piece of art makes you feel. Not all art is for everyone, but when you find the drawing/sculpture/song/play that makes sense to you, it’s amazing. It’s like finding a long lost friend. Whether you’re a creator or consumer, art is a fantastic way to explore the world around you.

Pick up one of these books about art next time you’re in to get double the dose of artistic content.

Tokyo Heist Heist Society Graffiti Moon Graffiti Girl Radiant Days Lucy Variations Eleanor & Park Wanderlove Lola & the Boy Next Door Disenchantments Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist Notes From the Teenage Underground King Dork Rockstar Superstar Fat Kid Rules the World Audrey Wait Heavy Metal & You Good Enough Orpheus Obsession Zero
2 July 2013 - Dig Deeper

There is so much fascinating information out there. Things you’d never dream you’d be interested in. Check out some of these links, but make sure you have time to spare. You will most probably get lost in the depths of exciting info.

The Mental Floss website is built on randomness (always fun). Check out their random fact generator.

If you want more hands-on/how-to stuff, Make Magazine is a fantastic resource for projects to keep you busy. Lucky for you, Maker Camp starts July 8th. What is Maker Camp, you ask? Only an online summer camp that provides you with the instructions to complete a wide range of projects at home, as well as a community of others working on the same things. You can learn new skills or get better at ones you've tried before. Plus, you can share tips, tricks, and photos of what you’re working on.

Last (but definitely not least): Have you ever been to the Smithsonian website? Please go there now. They have games and quizzes (try this one on the opening lines of famous books), incredible articles (like this one on make-believe species), and videos (see the art of video games).


29 June 2013 - Learn Something. Anything.

On the off chance that you don’t like school (hah) please keep reading despite the title of this post.

There is seriously nothing better than keeping your mind in check and reading up on a subject that interests you. Learning has never been easier or more fun. Pick a subject and become an expert on it. Teach yourself a new skill. View things from another perspective. Gather up random information to impress your friends (or win at Jeopardy from your couch).

The following books might help spark an interest in something you’ve never thought twice about before. You just might find out that you were made to crochet, or that you love history way more than you ever thought possible. You never know. Click the images for more information on each book.

I am a Seal Team Six Warrior Chasing Lincoln's Killer Spook Radioactive Boy Scout Notorious Benedict Arnold Spies of Mississippi Book of Potentially Catastrophic Science Experiments Dear Teen Me Don't Sit on the Baby Master of Deceit Weird Michigan Faces From the Past KnitWit Scandalous! Mastering Comics Dan Eldon BMX Riding Skills Rookie Yearbook 1 WWE Encyclopedia Americapedia

If you're really at a loss, try picking up an issue of the following magazines, too. Their broad subject matter should hit something of interest.

Mental Floss Make Magazine
25 June 2013 - Further Underground

Now that you have a nice list of fiction to read, let’s explore what we actually know about the space beneath our feet.

Ever hear of spelunking? How about fracking? You can learn about these topics, and other subterranean things like volcanoes and earthworms, by listening to the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Josh and Chuck can make even the most boring subjects entertaining to hear about.


Would you rather have visuals? How Stuff Works also has amusing videos of the SYSK guys quickly describing complex topics:

Will we be fossils one day?

How can you survive quicksand?

Can humans create earthquakes?

Think you know it all? Try taking this abandoned cities quiz.

21 June 2013 - Underground

In many situations, it's best to take a look at the most obvious first. If you have a tech problem, the rule of thumb is to check the basics (is it plugged in?) before calling in the geek squad. When writing a scientific hypothesis, you must include absolutely every step, almost to a painful degree.

Science and technology are both booming fields; therefore they must be doing something right. So it only makes sense in our exploration of this year's theme of "Beneath the Surface" to start at the start and take a look at books that deal directly with the earth in one way or another. I won't say all of these titles take place underground, but I will say they all sound interesting and earth-related.

Ship Breaker Enclave Maze Runner Compound Rotters Squeeze Lockdown Cardboard Earthgirl There's a Hair in My Dirt
20 June 2013 - From Page to Screen

YA is huge right now. With books like Twilight and the Hunger Games blowing up, everyone’s on the lookout for the next big hit. Because of this, YA books are being turned into movies and TV shows left and right.

The point of this post is preparation; to ensure you have as much time as possible to read through all the fantastic prospects before they become hard to come by.

Just in case you’ve been stuck under a pile of homework, these books have already been turned into movies. And the movies are actually on DVD, already @ your library.

Beautiful Creatures (watch it at Main in July!) Perks of Being a Wallflower The Host

You can watch for these titles in theaters this summer/fall:

Tiger Eyes Sea of Monsters City of Bones Ender's Game Catching Fire

And if you have time at all left over, pick up one of these books. Hollywood is a tricky business and sometimes hype takes a while to solidify. The following books have all been optioned for the screen (some big, some small) but no release dates have been set.
Maze Runner The Fault in Our Stars Clockwork Angel Mila 2.0 Burn for Burn Book Thief Knife of Never Letting Go Spectacular Now Divergent Shadow and Bone

17 June 2013 - Teen Summer Reading…Beneath the Surface

It’s that time again – Teen Summer Reading has finally arrived! Make your library a regular stop this summer for fun events, really cool prizes, and a whole ton of great books. Contact your branch for more details, but bottom line is stuff will be happening and you’ll want to take part.

Remember, if there’s ever a week you can’t make it to your library, check the library's website instead. New book suggestions and links will be posted regularly on the blog. We also have a good selection of eBooks to tide you over until your next visit.

One last thing – The theme “Beneath the Surface” will be the driving force behind the programs and book selections from June 17th – August 10th. Be prepared to dig deep, explore, and possibly run into zombies.

31 May 2013 - Free Audiobooks
Partnerships can be awesome, and this one is no exception.

AudioFile Magazine and audiobook publishers have come together to offer one more way to get your book fix this summer. 
Sync is offering two free audiobook downloads a week, every week, for twelve weeks. 

Each week, two new books will be available: one classic title and one popular young adult novel. There are some really great choices, including Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys and Andrew Lane's Death Cloud.

And if you haven't listened to an audiobook before, you might find that listening to the classics is actually easier than trying to read through them on your own. There are a few Shakespeare titles on the list this summer, along with the original Sherlock Holmes and Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass.

Check out the
full list here.

13 March 2013 - Teen Tech Week

Officially, we are smack in the middle of Teen Tech Week (or month, if you're celebrating at the Main library) - a great opportunity for you to take advantage of the technology available @ your library. 

To break it down, here are a few common issues that come up and how your library can help solve them.

Problem: You're assigned a research paper at school. You get to the library to find all the books on your subject are checked out. What do you do?

Solution: Try a
database! You can access most of them from home, they cover a lot of subjects, and they're credible! Make sure the "full-text" box is checked and you are on your way to keyword searching for complete articles from newspapers, journals, and magazines.

Problem: You like to read, but you have trouble getting a ride to the library for new books.

Download one! We have a decent selection of eBooks and audio books that is constantly growing. You must have a current library card, know your pin number, and can't have fines. But once you're set, you can download books straight to your iPod, smart phone, eReader, or computer.

Problem: Your friends keep talking about some band you've never heard of. Or you can't get that song out of your head and can only find the video on YouTube. Or you're tired of all your music and need something new but don't know what.

Solution: We have a fantastic CD collection, they're free to check out, and you can have 50 at a time! Seriously, we try to have everything available for you, so if you notice something is missing, please let us know. But hopefully you'll find the pop, emo, oldies, dubstep, shoegaze, chillwave, you-name-it already on our shelves.

Oh yeah, we have computers and movies, too. And audiobooks. And magazines about tech stuff. And books about a digital future that will give your imagination a run for its money.

Don't wait. Check-in @ your library!


4 March 2013 - Hub Reading Challenge
I don't know about you, but I have a hard time passing up a good challenge. Especially if it gives me an excuse to do more of something I love to do already.

YALSA's 2013 Hub Reading Challege started about a month ago, but do not fear. You have until June 22nd to read/listen to 25 titles from the eligible reading list. The list is made up of award winners from a wide array of genres and reading levels. Take a look at the full list here.

All contest details can be found
here. Grand prize is a tote bag chuck-full of brand new teen books! And so long as you finish the challenge, you'll have the opportunity to submit a response to one of the books you read and have it published on the Hub site.

So, if you're looking for some direction in what to read, or incentive to read at all, consider taking part.

8 February 2013 - Alex Awards
Every year, YALSA gives the Alex Award to 10 adult titles with special youth appeal. The 2013 winners are in. If you're looking for something a bit different, or want to venture slowly into the world of adult fiction, perhaps one of these titles is for you.
Caring is Creepy Girlchild Juvenile in Justice Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore My Friend Dahmer One Shot at Forever Pure Round House Tell the Wolves I'm Home Where'd You Go, Bernadette?
7 February 2013 - Valentine's

Love it or hate it, Valentine's day is coming quick.

While you're eating candy hearts and swooning over that special someone, here are a few romantic stories to set the stage. 
Meant to Be Dash & Lily's Book of Dares Girl Meets Boy Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight Fault in Our Stars

For those of you less swayed by the idealistic notions of love at first sight, here are some titles that deal with relationships in a less gushy way.

Paper Towns Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers Big Crunch Why We Broke Up Instructions for a Broken Heart
10 December 2012 - Call for Best Books!
With the year coming to an end, now is a great time to look back at what you’ve read. A lot of fantastic teen books came out in 2012. Which ones did you like best? Send an email and let us know your favorites so they can be shared with other voracious readers.
1 November 2012 - NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month is upon us!

Do you feel inspired? Are your friends always saying you're a great storyteller? Are you looking for a creative outlet? Writing might be for you!

Although the library is not affiliated with NaNoWriMo, we do think it's a good kick starter and worth highlighting. Your library is offering events across the system encouraging young writers to explore the craft.

Contact the following branches or check the web calendar for more information.

Algonac has an ongoing NaNoWriMo event at 1 p.m. every Saturday in November.

Burtchville is hosting a NaNoWriMo kickoff party Saturday November 3rd at 10 a.m. as well as Write-ins all month long.

The Main Library will host Write! Edit! Publish!, a presentation describing what it takes to get published, Saturday November 3rd at 9 a.m.

Also at the Main Library, author Ann Aschauer will visit Thursday November 8th at 5 p.m. to talk about her writing process and answer audience questions.

So join us for this month-long celebration of writing and check out the NaNoWriMo site for ideas, tips, and resources!


22 October 2012 - Scary Stories
Halloween is fast approaching. Grab some treats, a flashlight, and one of these spooky stories to set the stage.

Long Lankin Bad Girl's Don't Die Necronomicon Rage Within Thirteen Days to Midnight The Enemy BZRK The Replacement Ashes Skin

8 October 2012 - Teen Read Week

Dare to read for the fun of it this October 15th-20th @ your library! Teen Read Week is nearly here and you should be excited! An entire week dedicated to celebrating reading in all its awesomeness with contests, prizes, and programs just for you. Stop in at your branch to find out how to get involved. While you’re there, scan the shelves for a good book or five. Here are some suggestions:

Considering this year’s theme - "It Came from the Library" - I thought it fitting to showcase teen books that have been or soon will be made into movies.

Blood and Chocolate It's Kind of a Funny Story Beastly Speak Life of Pi Perks of Being a Wallflower Scott Pilgrim Princess Diaries Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist The Hobbit
10 September 2012 - Book Review
Sometimes it's tough to choose your next book. So many interesting titles to pick from, so little time! Luckily, there are plenty of reviews online that can help you narrow down your choices. Today's review comes from a St. Clair County teen.

Red Riding HoodRed Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

The wolf is back. Valerie finds herself with the same question over and over: Who is the wolf? With everyone Valerie holds dear there is something each one of them is hiding. Lucy is dead. There is no one Valerie can trust, not even her childhood friend Peter. Death is waiting around every corner until the townspeople find out who or what the wolf wants. This riveting book will hold your attention and keep you guessing until the very end. So, if you like werewolves and a good mystery then read this book. A similar book is Sweetly

-Review by Samantha, age 15
10 August 2012 - Summer Reading Wrap-up

Tomorrow is the very last day of the Teen Summer Reading program. Be sure to turn in your entry forms for your chance to win prizes @ your library. Also, check the web calendar to see if your library is hosting an end of summer reading party.  

Hopefully you've had a fantastic summer and read at least a few great books during your time off. Thank you for taking part in our TSR program!


3 August 2012 - Alex Awards

There is only ONE WEEK until TSR ends! Hurry in to your library and participate before time runs out!

Because it is the very last week of TSR, we are highlighting something a bit different.

Every year, YALSA announces ten titles to receive Alex Awards. Named after Baltimore librarian Margaret Alexander Edwards, Alex Awards are given to adult books that have special appeal to teens. If you’re ready to expand your reading horizons and enter the world of adult fiction, check out one of this year’s top ten titles. The rest of this year’s nominations can be found here.

Big girl small In Zanesville Lovers dictionary The new kids Night circus Ready player one Robopocalypse Salvage the bones Scrapbook of Frankie pratt The talk-funny girl

27 July 2012 - Fantasy and Sci-fi
Only a few weeks left of summer reading! If you haven't done so yet, get to your branch and ask about participating in the Teen Summer Reading program. You may also want to check the web calendar to find out what programs are being offered at your library during the month of August.

Last week the focus was on gritty, thoughtful, realistic fiction. This week's highlight is on escapism. Fantasy and science fiction allow for the reader to experience something different, yet familiar. The creatures and lifestyles may be extraordinary, but more often than not the message is still very much human.

Click on one of the following covers if it grabs your interest.
Shadow and Bone Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Ender's Game Daughter of Smoke and Bone The Project Ruby Red Girl of Fire and Thorn Huntress The Apothecary The Floating Island
20 July 2012 - Realistic Fiction
One of the best things about reading is immersing yourself in someone else's experiences. Through books, you can gain a better understanding of so many viewpoints and situations without ever having to actually handle heartbreak, make mistakes, or go through the horrors others may have to endure.

This week's picks vary drastically in subject matter. However, all of these stories describe events that happen in real life.
Keep holding on The Rivals Disenchantments Dead to you I am J Winter town Never fall down Where it began Silhouetted by the blue My name is not easy

13 July 2012 - Horror Fiction
Today is Friday the 13th (arguably the spookiest day of the year) which is a great opportunity to discuss horror stories.
There are the obvious classics, such as Edgar Allan Poe, R. L. Stine, and Stephen King, that are worth picking up for the genius of plot and guaranteed creep factor. However, there's a wide array of new books that continue the horror legacy.

These are a few current titles that fall into the supernatural and horror genres:

Cryer's Cross Midnight Palace Hold Me Closer, Necromancer Chime Die For Me Akata Witch Switched This is Not a Test Rot & Ruin Monstrumologist
6 July 2012 - Steampunk
Like science fiction? Reimagined history? Adventure? Horror stories?

Try one of these steampunk novels on for size:
Steampunk anthology Iron thorn Leviathan Hunchback assignments Worldshaker Clockwork angel Looking glass wars Incarceron Fever crumb League of extraordinary gentlemen
29 June 2012 - Alternate Choices

Believe it or not, some people aren't too keen on reading in the usual sense. Do you or someone you know fall into this category? If you can answer yes to any of the following, please read on:

  • Do you tire of fictional stories with their made-up plot lines and lack of factual information?
  • Do you find it tedious to carry around numerous heavy, bulky, print books?
  • Do you have trouble finding the time to sit down and read?

Now, would you believe there is a cure for your predicament? Because there is! You have options! You can still participate in the summer reading program!

Here's the breakdown:

Nonfiction: In school, you learn a lot of stuff and not all of it is fascinating. That's just because they have to cover all the basics and cram in the most important events, people, etc. BUT there are tons of interesting side notes throughout history, as well as different ways to learn about them. Nonfiction can make that happen.

Graphic novels: Short on time but interested in reading? Try a graphic novel. They're not all superheroes and manga (although we have those, too). Stories cover everything these days, from important historical figures to modern love stories.

eBooks: If you have a computer, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, laptop, etc., you can download an eBook. We have a growing selection on
our website, and we're always looking for suggestions to purchase.

Audiobooks: Possibly the best option of all. You can actually read while driving, riding a bike, taking a walk, cleaning your room, lying in bed, or working a monotonous job. It can make the most boring of tasks pass faster while making them doubly interesting. You can download them to your computer, iPod, iPhone, etc. Try 
our site for titles. There’s also a cool promotion going on at this site – they’re giving out two free audiobooks every week, all summer long.



Here are a few books to get you interested. As always, click the image to find a copy in the library.

Notorious benedict Arnold Scandalous Bootleg Daybreak Bad island Gandhi Around the world Glow Rotters Jasper jones
22 June 2012 - Dystopia/Survival
Teen Summer Reading is in full effect! If you've been to your library, you know what you have to do to win prizes just for reading (which is what you were going to do anyway, right?). It is that easy. If you haven't - make the trip. It will be well worth it.
What can be more difficult, though, is choosing the right book. Dystopia/survival novels are huge right now. If you liked the Hunger Games and NEED MORE, try one of the following to get your fix.

Blood Red road House of the scorpion Enclave Knife of never letting go Above Eleventh plague How I live now Feed Legend Declaration

16 June 2012 - Thumbs Up! Awards
The Teen Summer Reading Program starts next Monday, June 18th. There will be reading! There will be prizes! There will be fun programs all summer long! Be sure to check the web calendar to find out what events are taking place and stop into your local branch to get the low down on what it takes to participate in TSR.

In the meantime, it's not too early to chose your first book. Each year, the Michigan Library Association hands out the 
"Thumbs Up! Award" to a single outstanding title in teen lit. The best part - you can help choose the winner!

This year's top ten are:

The Future of Us Anna Dressed in Blood Beauty Queens The Fault in Our Stars The Name of the Star Everybody Sees the Ants A Monster Calls This Dark Endeavor Divergent I'll Be There
Each image is linked to the library's catalog. So, if you see something that looks interesting, follow the link to place it on hold.

Check back throughout the summer for new book suggestions. Happy summer reading!

10 May 2012 - Online Book Tie-ins

Great books + fun online games = best idea ever!

When you finish a really good book and just can't let go, check online to see if extra content is available. Sometimes series like the Hunger Games have online games, quizzes, and more to keep the story going long after you put the book down.

Here are a few to get you started:
Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins
Maze Runner Series by James Dashner
Gone Series by Michael Grant
I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

13 March 2012 - Events

When you’re not out enjoying the early spring weather, check out the following programs offered this month @ your library:

Main Library – Fiction Face Off! – March 5th-31st

Some of the best books from the past year are battling each other for top honors. Stop by the teen area and fill out a bracket. There is no easier way to win free stuff!

Ira – Make a Movie Poster – March 24th 12-2 pm

                If they turned your favorite book into a movie, what would the poster look like?

Marine City – Teen Time – Every Friday 3-4:30 pm

                Board games, gossip, homework & fun! What more could you want?!

Memphis – Hunger Games Trivia – March 1st – 21st          

                All winning answers are entered in a drawing to see the new movie for free!

Memphis – Teen Time – March 20th 3-4 pm

                Create a Hunger Games craft!

G. Lynn Campbell – Teen Game Night – March 27th 4-6 pm

                Space set aside just for teens to talk, play games, do homework, whatever!

St. Clair – Teen Game Night – March 27th 4-6 pm

                Hang out, snack, play games, and have fun!

And don’t forget about the web calendar! You can always check your particular branch and age group for programs and special events all year round.

24 January 2012 - Youth Media Awards

The 2012 Youth Media Award winners were announced yesterday!
The following are a few highlights worth looking into:

Where Things Come Back Scorpio RacesThe ReturningWhy We Broke UpJasper Jones
11 January 2012 - Dictionary Quiz
The holidays are over and school is back in session, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun while you study. Test your vocabulary here.
22 November 2011 - You Are What You Read
Question: What do the Jonas Brothers, Eli Manning, Daniel Radcliffe, and Maggie Stiefvater have in common?

Answer: They read!

Check out You Are What You Read to see what books mean the most to your favorite celebrities.
3 November 2011 - Where to Look

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great Halloween.


Just wanted to point out a few cool things on the new site:


The Teen Read Week “Picture It @ Your Library” photo contest has come and gone, but the great photos you submitted live on. Check them out in the photo gallery on the Teen page, or on our Facebook page. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Bored and looking for something to do? Check out the events section on the side bar. The library’s web calendar is available! You can choose to show only teen events by checking “teens” on the bottom left column, or specify the library closest to you the same way.

28 October 2011 - Intro
Hey and welcome to the SCCL teen blog! Check back for information on teen events at all branches and new books, CDs, and movies available throughout the system. (There may also be random posts thrown in for good measure).